Spaceship Game - Shoot the Dragons!

by Cameron Thibodeaux


This program is a simple game where the player controls a spaceship and tries to shoot as many enemy robot dragons as possible before losing all their health. The more dragons the player shoots down, the faster they will appear. The player will lose health if the spaceship collides with a building or a dragon, which is indicated by the spaceship flashing red. The player's health and score can be seen in the upper left corner of the screen. When the player loses all their health, the ship will crash to the ground and the game is over.

I collaborated with an ART 384 student to create the dragon model (see References).



Figure 1: Shooting a dragon

Figure 2: Taking damage from a collision

Figure 3: Game Over

Figure 4: Robot dragon model created by ART 384 student Kevin Kondo



Source Code