Snowboard Carving

Evan Peterson
Cal Poly, CPE-471, Winter 2014


Help the penguin carve his way through slalom gates and boost down the mountain in style.

This is a simple game written in C++ using OpenGL for graphics and GLFW for windowing and gamepad support.

It demonstrates the following:

Rules of Play

XInput Controller (anything that behaves like an XBox controller):

Keyboard Input (less cool): The General Idea:
  1. Move through slalom gates to charge up the boost.
  2. Boost to go fast.
  3. Go fast and move through slalom gates to keep going fast.


Carving left

Carving right

Board lights up slightly to show some boost is available

Board is fully charged! Let's boost!



Here's a download link. Under ideal conditions (i.e. the laptop I developed it on), the game runs on Linux. You'll want to have GLFW and its dependencies installed to run and compile the game.

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