Platform Shooter Game Prototype

by Nathan Farnum


A 2.5D video game prototype (written in C++ / GLUT / OpenGL) involving simple collision detection, an animated, hierarchically modelled main character (made from an .obj file made by, Cristopher Lagmay, an Art 384 student), bullet-shooting, single point light (with phong shading) with dynamic shading, and a camera that follows the main character (putting the main character a tad to the left for ease of seeing what comes ahead).



  • Close-up idle.
  • Close-up running.
  • Close-up Maya image (by Cristopher Lagmay).
  • Close-up Maya side view (by Cristopher Lagmay).
  • Coloring of each part is different for testing purposes.
  • Gameplay of running.
  • Gameplay of jumping.
  • Gameplay of shooting Umbrans.
  • Gameplay of Umbrans and their becoming cleansed (getting brighter).
  • Gameplay of Isaac running away from Umbrans.
  • Gameplay of Isaac at low health (more shaded) and the stage being brightened by shots.
  • Sources