Hex World Creator/ Hex of Life

by Raymond Pederson


A world builder (written in C++ / GLUT / OpenGL) involving textures, reading in DDS files, interpreting mouse clicks, multiple lighting effects, with user ability to save/load files, and the use of Hexagons of course.

In addition, a small simulation called the "Hex of Life" can be ran which user timer functionality, multiple lighting effects, and use of my HexData/HexArray Structure.

Features (World Creator)

Features (Hex of Life)

Pictures of Hexagon Creator:

Hello World (for hexagon creator)!

Beginnings of Settlers of Catan map (tundra = desert).

A spiral.

Three islands.

Pictures of Hex of Life:

Beginning Map.

After 1 movement.

After a few moves/



Warning: code is not at all guaranteed to be clean, makes only work for linux machines.