Space Explorer and Shooter

By Oliver Xia


This project is a space explorer/shooter scene.The user can cruise the solar system using the space jet that he/she can control (The jet can do acrobatics). By pressing 'n', he/she can launch a torpedo. There are space firefly aliens, and everything rotate as it would in the real solar system. The planets rotate about their own core, most notably, the clouds can be seem moving around Earth, and the moon also orbits it. The lighting is done using a point light in the middle of the sun and Phong shading is used to determine the shade of the planets' textures.


Here's an example of the acrobatics you can perform using the mouse and the forward movement!

The Aliens

Here's an example of the aliens in this space scene! They are like space fireflies.

The Torpedo Cannon

Here's an example of a torpedo being shot out! Saturn got lucky... this time.

The Earth

Here's Earth! You can't tell on this static image but the moon and the clouds are both animated. It's also orbiting around the sun, like the rest of the planets.

And that is my project! Shout out to Zoe for providing me with a great learning experience and a very fun quarter. Ciao!