CPE 471 Final Project

Alanna Buss and Kayla Carr

References and Acknowledgments:

The Qurupeco and Rathalos belong to Monster Hunter by CAPCOM. The models are from models-resource.


Alanna has an unhealthy addiction to Monster Hunter and Kayla really wanted to make animations with a dragon.

The two went hand in hand and they decided to work together to make two animations of monsters from the monster hunter series.


We wanted to add in textures. The texture files are with the objs, if you wanted to see them.

Technologies used

Autodesk Maya, for breaking the models, placing pivots, and testing out movements.

OpenGL, for programming the animations.

Hierarchical modeling. Both of the objs had at least 14 pieces that were hierarchically modelled.


WASD to move the camera

Mouse cursor to pitch/yaw the camera

'M' to switch monsters

'N' to make monsters move forward

'F' to make monsters fly

'G' to make monsters walk