Christopher Clark

471 Final Project

Picture of balloons popping mid-game


This is a balloon shooting game. The user controls the camera with the mouse and moves the player with WASD or the arrow keys. The player shoots with the left mouse button. Any balloon under the crosshairs when the player fires will explode in a shower of confetti. The movement of the player is bound to the four containing walls. The camera collides with the walls such that the player will move perpendicularly along the wall. More description will be accompanied by pictures.

Technologies learned/knowledge deepened

To detect which balloon was shot, I implemented collision detection. To do this, I calculated the perpendicular euclidian distance from a point representing the center of a balloon to the line defined by the camera's "eye" and "lookat" point. This formula was obtained from wolfram alpha. I also increased my knowledge of texturing and shaders to texture the walls. I realized that a program is not limited to one shader, and I implemented both texture and lighting shaders for this project, although no object was drawn with both.

Game in action

Game on first load

Before and after hitting two balloons at once

Confetti falling

Confetti on ground after popping