Grand Theft Bunny

(Un)Real Driving Simulator

Cary Dobeck


When I started learning about camera transforms and how to move a camera freely about the world, I got curious as to what would it look like to be able to have a camera follow the surface of some complex object. After some brainstorming, I thought it would be pretty cool to be able to drive all over the surface of a model such as a bunny with a car. Throw in some head lights, tail lights and some gravity; and feel the joy every Hot Wheels car has in a three-year old's hands!


Drive around, drive upside down, drive off of ears, fall, and have fun :)


  • Surface detection
  • Car movement with respect to surface
  • Directional lighting
  • Distance attenuation
  • Change car and bunny material
  • Physics (sorta)

  • Buttons

    Up - Move forward

    Down - Move backward

    Left - Turn left

    Right - Turn right

    W - Raise car in the Y direction

    S - Lower car in the Y direction

    R - Reset car's position

    X - Change the car's material

    C - Change the bunny's material

    Z - Toggle between Phong(default) and Gouroud shading

    N - Draw the normals instead of materials and lighting

    B - Look behind car

    Engine In Motion!

    Falling Off Ear



    Car model obtained from honda ( and converted into an .obj file

    CPE 471 - Winter 2015 - Zoe Wood