Interactive Lego World

Nick Katsantones

An explorable Lego town whose inhabitants are a bit strange; they tend to get 'curious' when people wander the streets. They will leave their homes and follow you if you pass close by their house. However once they get too close they get nervous and run back to the safety of their homes.

Major technologies in use:

External libraries:

External resources:

Lego Digital Designer (LDD):

Types of non-source files:

I wanted to make this project as dynamic as possible, so I wrote several filetype parsers to allow as much data as possible to not be hard-coded. The types of data files I ended up with are:


My initial proposition for this project was far more grandiose than what I actually achieved. However, the complexity of what went into the current state of the project far surpasses what I had estimated for the entirety of my initial proposal. The amount of work it takes to model a real-time, dynamic, 'slightly believable' interaction between objects is far greater than I had initially thought. I'm very excited to have spent so much time working on the state-based animations and behaviors of the Lego people.