Peter Godkin

CPE 471 - Intro to Computer Graphics Final Project

Here's a really hastily thrown together video of my project. The frame rate is actually smooth for me, it's the screen recording software that makes it look bad.


At first I set out to implement a real time fluid simulation based on the paper linked below. The author provided a lot of the code for the simulation itself in C so my main focus was figuring out how to display it with openGL. I ended up doing this with a bunch of quads. Each vertex had a density and a velocity that would affect the flow of the fluid. Here's a picture of what it looked like in the first stage with the quads arranged as a plane.

And here it is with rainbow colors.

The next thing I wanted to do was put this in a 3d world. I kept the fluid as a 2d simulation but arranged the quads in the shape of a hemisphere. At first I was going for a horror setting so I placed a bunch of dead trees and an old house. Later I changed it too be someone's eyeball, slightly based off this picture:

Here are a couple screenshots of the final version:

Special thanks to Ellen Fabini from ART 384 for the model of the person.


Fluids Paper:

Person Obj:

Other objs:

Eyeball Image:


Tame Impala - Stranger In Moscow(Michael Jackson Cover)