Aaron Koeppel

CSC 471 Winter 2015


For my project, I created Chess. I didn't have previous experience creating a game so there isn't much game logic. I see the program as a virtual chess board and pieces. The game will not tell you if the move you are making is a legal one. You have full access to move any piece to any square at any time. It is up to you to make logical and game-sound moves. There is a solid base for game logic to be implemented and I will probably do so when I have more time.

I decided I wanted to make all of my own game pieces. To do so, I found objs files that I wanted to make the pieces out of and hierarchically modelled the pieces myself.

The main goal of the project was to apply everything I've learned in 471 into a project I was already interested in making.


When in free cam:

Sample Images

Figure 1: Starting position

Figure 2: First move of the game

Figure 3: Overhead view

Figure 4: Mid-game positioning

Figure 5: Queen moving to take pawn

Figure 6: Multiple moves during a game



Object Selection

OBJ Files: