Space Invaders

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Welcome to My Space Invaders Page!

It's a very simple game. The goal of the game is to get the most points. There's a squad of space invaders that will shoot and come towards you and you get points by killing them. Occasionally there is a UFO that comes across the top of the game that is worth more points.


A regular invader is 1 point. A UFO is 5 points. The user has 3 lives, after they lose the three lives the game is over. When the game is over, it will lock the screen to prevent camera movement, to reset the game press 'R'. Score is located in the top right corner of the screen.

Game Controls:

Left: Move ship left
Right: Move ship right
Space: Shoot
R: Reset Game
P: Pause Game

Camera Controls:

W: Zoom in
S: Zoom out
A: Stafe left
D: Stafe Right
1: Top Angle Camera View
2: Third Person Ground Camera View
Scroll: Look Around


- In game timers to limit the user to shoot only every 0.25 secs.
- UFO appears every 25 seconds, and one random invader shoots every second.
- Projectional shading to give some aestheics.
- Fixed hearts and score so it moves with the frustram to give the illusion that it's fixed on the screen.
- Added explosions that decrease in scale to make it look nice.
- Texture Mapping for ground and various models like the ship and hearts.
- Score updates on every kill

Different view from behind the ship.

Game Over screen. Game over locks the view and camera so user has no other option but to restart the game.