Hello, this is my CPE 471 Project Page

My project was to make a basic hierarchical model of a person doing complex animation.

How to Use the Program:

The program will start with the model performing a simple keyframe-based walking animation. You can press Space at any time to change to posing.
In posing mode, you can manipulate (with X, Y, and Z rotations) the model.
A and Q change the rotation with respect to the X-axis; S and W the Y-axis; and D and E, the Z-axis.

Pictures of the basic model

Standing Waving Waving

This ended up being just walking, because animating is difficult and tedious.

I decided to focus on being able to change the model's position within the program, because that was more interesting. This required some significant changes to the data representation of my model transforms. Hierarchical modeling is a pretty cool guy.

My intention was to build a framework that let a user specify object file names, pivot transformations, and a tree relationship (although I hadn't ironed out how to use plaintext for the last part). But I ran out of time so all I've got is an action figure posing.

Poses (programmatic transforms)

Pose1 Pose2 Pose3

Things I Learned

Sanic Hedgehog