Futuristic City

By Edgard Arroliga


This project attempts to make a aesthetically pleasing scene of complicated .obj files and texture found online. Using these free resources, I was able to create a small futuristic city with some animated models. The city is lighted using a full phong shader and directional lighting to simulate midnight and textured to have a chrome floor and surrounded by a city skyline. In the demo, you can also walk around the world using the camera. The camera is restricted to only x-axis and z-axis movement in order to simulate a walking human. I was unable to add collision detection that worked properly for the robots and the buildings.


Here we see the Hover Cars and Futuristic House made of multiple shapes. The Hover Cars are also animated to move back and forth, all while keeping their orientation.

Here is the simple robot model made of one shape, and the more complex building.

Here we see all of the elements come together, including the textured floor and background


.bmp converter for textures
Future city skyline used for background
Sun Glyder (Hover Car) .obj model
Futuristic house .obj model