Mathieu Bisson's CPE471 Final Project!

For my final project, I chose to animate a penalty kick showdown.
The goalie is made of an obj file that consists of 15 unique body
parts such as right shoulder, right forearm, etc. The original goalie
obj has both hands in a relaxed posture, but I chose to rotate both
to make the goalie's presence look more realistic. During the animation
the goalie moves back and forth between the left and right

The player obj is almost identical to the goalie except the player
does not have gloves. The player stands at about the same distance as
a regular penalty kick. I ran into hierarchical modeling issues and
therefore did not implement a more realistic scene where the player
winds up and then kicks the ball. The speed at which the ball travels
towards the goal is based on the 3 power-up bars located conveniently
above the goal. The power-up bar is similar to the one in the FIFA game
series where getting it in the "green" zone is the sweet spot.
In my scene, the power-up on the left corresponds to the power of the shot.
If the vertical bar is closer to the left edge of the horizontal
bar, then the shot will travel slower based on a power multiplier implemented in my code
The middle bar corresponds to the height trajectory that the ball will follow.
Finally, the right power-up bar corresponds to the left or right path that the
ball will take mid-flight.

The main technologies that I explore in my scene include: texture,
transformations (for both camera and objects in the scene), and basic shading.
With more time, I would have wanted to add: shading and lighting, collision
detection such that the ball would reverse direction if it struck a post or the
goalie. Furthermore, I would have implemented hierarchical modeling such that the
goalie could make some stellar saves based on the trajectory of the ball. In addition
I would have made it such that the player could run up to ball and
wind up before striking the ball.

Below are some snapshots of my animation: