Graphics 471 Project:

By Trevor Hendron

Stalky Bunny

In the mostly distant future, a person of unknown gender wakes up to find that everyone in the entire city has vanished, and that it is caught in a permanent state of darkness...

In the shadows lurk evil bunnies, ready to murder the person, but fortunately they are paralysed by light!

Sooo clearly the only thing left to do is go shine a flashlight on them until they murder you dead! Go on, go tick them off!

Murder Bunny will eat your face!

Game Mechanics

The goal of the game is to avoid the murderous bunnies for as long as possible.

Exposing the bunnies to light from the flashlight or the streetlights will cause them to freeze, allowing you to escape them.

However, staying under a streetlight for too long will cause it to lose power and flicker randomly, offering little protection.


To move, use WASD

To toggle the flashlight, use SpaceBar.

Point spotlight by moving the mouse.


Supports as many point lights as needed in a scene (in this case, 30).

Point lights feature distance attenuation.

Spotlight with distance attenuation that follows the camera position and direction.

Smooth collision with walls for both player and bunnies (allows sliding against the wall, no just sticking).

Bunnies have limited AI, able to follow and face players.

Calculates light on the CPU to determine if bunnies are lit or not.

Bunnies have boids implemented so they form bunny packs.

Murder Bunny will eat your face!