Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics Simulation

by Charlie Gels


An N-body gravitational simulation that uses smooth particle hydrodynamics(SPH) to compute gravitational interaction forces in a particle system containing 2000 to 65,536 particles. SPH is a technique commonly used to simulate fluids by using many, many particles in close proximity to each other in order to compute the density and interaction forces between the particles in the system.



65,536 Particle - Spatial Hash and Billboarding (~65ms per render)

8192 Particle - Spatial Hash and Billboarding (under 10ms per render)

2048 Particle - Spatial Hash and Low-Res Sphere Mesh Particles (~13ms per render)

1024 Particle - No Spatial Hash (Full-Interaction) (~13ms per render)

Lessons Learned

Future Implementation Goals