Final Project - Dennis Wong


Project Description

My project focused on the recreation of a scene in the game Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time using OpenGL. The goal of this project is the ultimately create a scene that I would be able to translate over into my senior project.


Helpful Tutorials

I explored a few branches and applications of graphics, including:

- Skyboxes

- Alternative forms of lighting, such as spotlight.

Because these graphics applications weren't direcly covered in our lectures, I searched around online for tutorials. Linked are included below:

- Skybox Tutorial: Skybox Tutorial

- SpotlightTutorial: Spotlight Tutorial


Below is a documentation of the steps I went through to create my scene

Implementation Steps Visual Result
Hierarchically create pedastal with Sword resting in it “shot1.jpg”
Create a base for the pedastal to rest on, Create lighting “shot2.jpg”
Add a block to visualize the light. “shot3.jpg”
Texture the base to add character “shot4.jpg”


Lessons Learned

Even though I wasn't able to fully implement every feature I would've have liked, namely the skybox, I did learn a great deal from my readings and from my trials and errors. 

Firstly, in regards to the spotlight, I had several up and down moments as I was adding attenuation, so that the light would cut out when the angle from the center of the light reached above a certain threshold. 

In my attempts to inplement the skybox, I learned how frustrating it can be when libraries don't import properly, increasing levels of stress and frustration to unseen heights. Despite this, I still learned about how the textures for the faces are stored (in a queue done with the push_back() function), about how the space seems infinite by moving the box as the camera moves, and also about how the entire space is textured with 6 separate images to create one seamless environment. I may not have finished this portion, but it was indeed fascinating to read about.