Animated Chess Set

By Luke Gnos

Project Description

My final project for CPE 471 was to create an interactive chess set model, where the pieces animate when a move is made. The user can select a piece and move it to any other location on the board (So it is up to the user to make legal chess moves, the program does no checking in this regard). A transparent block signifies the currently highlighted square, which the users controls in order to make piece selections. The highlight selection commands also swap once the camera has rotated to the other side, so the controls are applicable to both white and black sides. Once a piece is selected, the user then highlights another block (selecting the same block twice will do nothing) and after pressing the enter key, the selected piece moves to its destination. Taken pieces appear on their respective side of the board and are replaced when the board is reset.

Project Controls

Project Implementation

The implementation of the project focused on three main aspects, managing user input, heirarchical modeling and animation, and controlling a variety of models differently.

Project Screenshots

Default camera rotation and highlight position when the program is run

A few pieces moved, and the highlight system showing a selected piece and destination

Pieces taken are moved off to their respective side

King being animated while moving across the board

Board reset, camera zoomed in and rotated

Camera set to behind white instead of black