CPE 471 Final Project

Marii Boyken


Maxwell's Silver Hammer is a song by The Beatles in which Maxwell is a serial killer would beats people to death with his hammer.

He seems like a normal guy upon first meeting him, but as the story progresses, the listener learns more about his murderous ways.


The model was originally textured using UV mapping to a .psd file, but it didn't transfer over well, so his texture is now obsidian.

This model is the low-poly version of what I modeled in a separate class.

Technologies Used

OpenGL, for programming the animations.

Autodesk Maya, to model and texture the original obj and to break it apart.

Hierarchical modeling. The original obj was broken into five separate objs to allow movement.

Rigid body animation, to make Maxwell move.


The animation starts with a normal-looking Maxwell waving, as a light flickers.

After a few seconds of waving, Maxwell glitches out for a while.

He then to returns to normal, as if nothing happened and the animation loop starts over.

Lessons Learned

Most everyone else had very complicated projects and I went more with what I enjoyed. I should have taken on a little more.

Using random numbers in C++ isn't as random as I'd like.

Animating with random numbers doesn't come out very smooth.


Maxwell when he is normal.

Maxwell in his transition to glitching.

Maxwell when he is glitching.