Space Hunter

by Minjie Fang


Space Hunter is a shooting gallery where you may shoot down the robots and explore the fancy space world. Written in C/C++ and openGL, the game has a pitch and yaw camera that allows the user to rotate 360 degrees horizontally and about 180 degrees vertically. With the hierarchical modeling, all parts of the robots shrink and disappear smoothly and naturally when shot by the user and sucked into a black hole. The phong shading used in the game gives the user a more realistic 3D visual experience.


The robot is shot and sucking by the black hole.

The texture mapping on robot's body.

A view from the right side of all models.

A view of the black hole from the back.


W to go forward

S to go backward

A to go left

D to go right

R to reset the robots

Esc to close game

Mouse to rotate the view

Knowledge Learned and Deepened

From completing this project, I got the chance to learn and try out the collision detection that simulates the shooting in the graphics world, which is essential for shooting games. The ideas about texture mapping, hierarchical modeling, phong shading and the control of camera were also deepened in my mind as I working on this project and thinking how to accomplish what I want.


Fancy Black Hole Image

Fancy Stars Image

Collision Detection Tutorial

Robot Model