CPE 471: Final Project Winter 2016

Created by: Derek Vallar

Professor: Zoe Wood

Project Description

This project recreates the movements and actions of the classic Megaman using a 3d model. The main idea behind this project was to focus on the animation aspect of OpenGL. The scene features Megaman atop a stage upon which he can roam around. The user will have control over the program by pressing the desired keys:

Creating Megaman

The model of Megaman was taken from the Nintendo 3DS game Super Smash Bros. The Megaman object file came with all of the necessary pieces to recreate him. However, while the object file has all of his different hands, eyes, and mouths as separate shapes, his helmet, torso, arms, and legs remained connected as one shape. In order to animate the model in the manner we were taught, the model needed to be cut up into usable parts. Using Blender, the model was cut up into additional pieces: the helmet, the torso, the two upper arms, the two lower arms, the two upper legs, the two lower legs, and the two feet.

Animating Megaman

In order to animate Megaman, each piece needed to be transformed according to the desired action. There are multiple stances that go into every action. Each stance was transformed individually to create one of a few frames needed to display the action.

After each individual stance is hierarchically created, the final matrix used to create the stance is saved into a text file. The program starts off by reading the text file and storing the matrices of every body part of every stance and storing them. When the user presses an action button, the program goes through each necessary stances by incrementally changing the current model matrix from the current stance to the next stance.

Megaman In Action