Final Project: Cal Poly Model

I was making a final project that simulates Cal Poly's campus.
Unfortunately, due to personal health issues, I was not able to complete it.

Here are some images of the progress I made. I textured a small cube with grass and made it flat. Then, I discarded any texture values that are not green enough. The ground is textured patches of grass repeated. The sky is night time at sundown. This is a model of the Kennedy library at Cal Poly. In the distance, you can also see the Computer Science and Engineering buildings. This features Phong shading on the materials of the buildings. I used a big sphere as an "atmosphere" for the sun to reflect. The sky, afterall, is a big semi-reflector. The sun itself is actually a specular of a light with a very small specular value. I also dabbed into AABB (Axis-aligned minimum bounding box) of the camera with other objects. The issue was I did not upset the Model View matrices when transforming, so my bounded boxes were usually on a corner of the building. I was also working on sorted transparency, which allows many objects behind many transparent material to show up and gain opacity. I tried to use SOIL OpenGL library for this, but I did not have luck in debugging why OpenGL wouldn't draw the SOIL textures.