Reece Camper

CPE 471-03


This program is a checkers game. It includes a fully functioning checkers game. You can move any of the pieces, and jumping a piece removes that piece from the board. If a piece gets all the way to the final row on the other side of the board, that piece is kinged and can move backwards as well as forwards.

Note that there is no enforcement of turns in this game, and the order of play is up to the user. All pieces can be moved at any time, assuming that the movement is a valid move.

This program displays dynamic animation of checkers pieces. There is smooth animation of a piece moving from square to square, and a similar animation when a piece takes another piece. There is also an animation when a piece is kinged, including a rotating 'crown' around the piece that was kinged.


Sample Images:

Figure 1: Game start

Figure 2: Piece selected

Figure 3: After first couple moves

Figure 4: Kinged piece

Figure 5: King selected


Material Colors:

OBJ Files: