Richard Squeri

Winter 2016



Space Race!

Navigate your starship through a harrowing asteroid field dodging rocks and narrowly avoiding destruction! By using the 'A' and 'D' key you can strafe left and right, and press 'W' to continue going straight. For a fun color scheme press 'N' to toggle shading by normals!


Initially when it came to brainstorming for a final project I immediately knew it would be a type of game because that is what first interested me in graphics. I tried to concieve something with a balance of complexity and achievability within the given time frame. I initially had many more ideas I wanted to implement but due to time constraints as well as lack of experience in new technologies, I finally settled to implementing the project you see here. It's a fun little game that I feel can keep people entertained, the whole point of games!

I can't wait until Disney finds this website and slaps me with a hefty lawsuit.


-Collision Detection! Collision detection is used to determine if the player comes in contact with an asteroid.
-Phong Shading/Lighting. A point light is used with Phong Shading on the asteroids and the ship.
-Normal Shading. Added in for a fun little bonus!
-Animated Explosion. Upon contact with an asteroid your ship explodes in a glorious explosion of different colors!


1. Rock Object
2. Millenium Falcon Object
3. GLFW 3.1 Source
4. OpenGL Reference