CPE 471 Final Project, Winter 2017

Bully Fight, By: Jacob Garcia

Bully fight is a first person boxing game. I used heirarchical modeling of the basic cube.obj for the main character's arms and the opponent.I implemented punching animations for both characters as well as collision detection and response. The opponent has some simple logic to fight the player.

You move your character using the wasd keys.

Use the mouse to control the camera view and click to punch. Punches will alternate between right and left. If hit, the Opponent will be knocked back in the direction of the punch.

To win, you need to knock your opponent off of the stage.

Watch out! The other fighter will chase you and try to knock you back! When hit, your vision will turn red and your view will recoil slightly.

You will lose if the opponent knocks you back far enough to make you fall off the stage. Upon either winning or losing, the game window will close itself.


I only used the provided code from the labs and programs we did in class.