By: Justin Kehl


I wanted to implement a birdwatching application for my final project because I like birds and enjoy birdwatching. Towards this goal I created and animated one type of bird (affectionately called tall-birds) and then built an open world with trees and bushes placed randomly around the world. I wanted the user to be able to roam through the world looking at birds in the trees, so I made the camera free and also gave the user a pair of binoculars with zoom functionality to allow them to better view birds at a distance. I made my world look a bit more realistic by applying textures to the grass, bushes, and trees, constructing the birds and binoculars out of various different materials, and lighting the whole scene to simulate outdoor morning light.




Bird building and positioning

Tree placement around the world

Binocular effects


Initial view of the world

Binoculars being raised

Looking through the binoculars

Slightly zoomed in using the binoculars

Fully zoomed in using the binoculars

Closeup of the bark, bush, and grass textures used