CPE 471 Final Project

Mey Helm


This project uses hierarchical modeling and texture mapping to create a battle animation between Young Link, Samus, and a Sandbag.

“samus” “link”





Creating Characters & Texture Mapping

Young Link is a single shape, so I easily built and texture mapped him. He did not come with a sword, so I found a sword mesh and placed it in his hand. The sword-like movements were created using different rotations. As for Samus, the obj file had multiple shapes, but they were not all separated in the way that I wanted them to be for hierarchical modeling. I used Blender to break apart Samus at the specific joints that I wanted to move. Then, I made each body part its own obj, texture mapped each one, and finally reconnected all the pieces together. I animated Samus to bend down on one knee and aim her cannon at the Sandbag. I also added trees, Pokéballs, and a sky to make a more interesting environment.

Attack Animation

As Young Link moves his sword to the Sandbag, a red attack effect pops up. The attack is calculated by how close Link is to the Sandbag. Samus shoots energy balls from her arm cannon that grow bigger the further they go. The energy balls also have a red attack effect when they collide with the Sandbag. After 12 shots from Samus, the Sandbag explodes and both characters stop attacking.

Lessons Learned