Mario Kart
By: Patrick Luong
Click here to see images of the game                           Click here to see original intent/future plans of this game

This application is a simple implementation of the ever so popular game of Mario Kart. The app allows you to drive a Shy Guy character around a simple track. There are collision boundaries keeping you on the track so that you can’t roam around endlessly. The camera follows the shy guy from behind so that it gives off the similarity of a birds of view of a first person shooter.

In this application, there is a directional light source at the top left corner of the world space at about a (1.5, 5, 1.5) to mimic that of the sun. So when you drive towards it, your back is darken since it doesn’t get as much lighting. And vice versa. Driving away from the light brightens what you see from the camera view.

Input Keys
      Keyboard "A" Key = Acceleration
      Keyboard "D" Key = Deceleration
      Keyboard "Left_Arrow" Key = Turn Left
      Keyboard "Right_Arrow" Key = Turn Right

OBJ and Texture Mapping
      shyguykart.obj <—- Luigi.png
      lowpolytree.obj <—- grass.jpg
      self-made ground scene <—- dirt.jpg and ground.jpg

Camera View
      Always stays behind the driver and rotates with the driver to see what the driver sees.
           Incorporated the pitch and yaw method with the repositioning of the camera based off the positioning of the driver.

      Checks for collision if gone off road.
      Has a cap speed of 0.5 at a accelerated/decelerated rate of 0.005.
      Speed resets to 0 whenever acceleration/deceleration is switched/released.
      Able to rotate around 360 degrees.
      When reversing, rotation is flipped to mimic that of driving a real vehicle.

Collision Bounding Boxes
      Made to encompass only the road by using conditional statements based off of the road's position and size.
           Thus, whatever inside this bounding box cannout leave.