Created by: Xianguang Yan

CPE 471 - Winter 2017

Final Project


For my final project I created a game very closely tied with an android game called stacker. I was always playing those kinds of games so I decided to make one.

Game Description

The game is setup with the first block on the bottom dictating the size of the next block that gets placed, the objective is to place the block perfectly in the same position as the previous block. If a player were to miss then the excess part that exceeds the block would be shaved off. The blocks move left, right, forwards, and backwards. As the player progress through the game their score is recorded and the speed is slowly increased for added difficulty. The game ends when the block completely misses the previous block. Then the players high score is compared to the global high score.



One key feature of the blocks to make them stand out is the addition of bling-phong lighting.

Block Structure

One of hardset points of this project is to store the next block's placement after it has been "shaved off" and then reproduce it in the next frame. I had to recalculate the new blocks position and center and scale.

Block Falling

The final piece of the game is to visually see the falling blocks. To do this I calculated the excess of the previous block and animated with changing the alpha value to have it disappear slowly.