By Yuan Wang


Mobius strip and Klein bottle are special mathematical models with interesting features. Instead of having .obj files
downloaded from internet, this project was designed to be a model generator, given different variables, this program
can generate mobiusbands and klein bottles with different shapes.


This project can be broken into two sections.

  • Skybox
  • This is just a cube with different 2d textures pasted onto its corresponding surfaces. After implementing that, a camera
    within this cube can move around 360 degrees of the entire world without being able to reach the horizon.

  • Model generator
  • Step1, based on maths equations, for every vertex, re-calculate its x, y, z values.

    Step2, build connections of those vertices, combine them into traingles, so that the GPU will know how to draw the vertices.


    Simplified Klein Bottle

    Klein Bottle


    Klein Bottle