1st Person Pacman

By Nick Lynch


My initial goal was to create a 1st person shooter with a Pacman theme (due to a recent obsession with the Ms. Pacman arcade game). I started out creating a first person shooter environment, complete with shooting "pellets" to kill ghosts. In the end (or 3 days before the deadline), I realized the majesty of Pacman cannot be reduced to a mere 1st person shooter.

So in a quick turn of events, I attempted to model a realistic Pacman game, from Pacman's perspective.



w - Move foward

s - Turn around

a - Turn left (at next available left turn)

d - Turn right (at next available left turn)

p - Pause the game

q - Quits


True to Pacman style, if you attempt to turn left or right before you are at a proper intersection, the command is "saved" and acted upon as soon as a left (or right) turn is available. If you run into a wall, you will stop.



Move about the world collecting the dots:


If you collect a big flashing dot...


...you can eat the ghosts (they turn blue - mmmmm.....blueberries).


Careful of eating ghosts when you're not feeling as super:


Uh-oh. You're dead!



OpenGL: A Primer (Angel book)

NeHe Productions



Download the game!