Monte Carlo Raytracer

This Raytracer utalizes the Monte Carlo color bleeding meathod of ambient lighting. It uses 256 sampling rays per intersection to determine a sampling of the objects around to do color bleeding. Sampling rays where generated using a cosine weighted stratified sampling meathod to reduce the nosie of the image. In addition distance attenuation was added to make the color bleeding be a function of distance which is a better repersentation of light.

A bounding volume hierarchy was implemented to add a speed up to the raytracer. Bunny Jumbo was rendered with out monte carlo color bleeding but with anti-alising in one minute and twenty seconds. This is a significant speed up compared to the non BVH implementation where it took over three hours.


Following Features Successfully implemented

  • Reflections
  • Refractions
  • Shadowing
  • Monte Carlo Color Bleeding
  • Bounding Volume Hierarchy
  • Povray File Format Parser
Design downloaded from free website templates.