Project Death Race


Death Race is a combat-centric multi-player racing game based on the 2008 movie Death Race. In the near future, rising unemployment has attributed to record criminality and an exploding prison population. To fix the issue of overcrowding and underfunding, the government privatizes the prison system. In an effort to maintain profit margins and cull the growing prison populace, the corporations enact a deadly car race. You find yourself as one of the drivers chosen to participate in this year’s races. Your freedom has been guaranteed; all you have to do is walk off the track. And win, of course.


Players aim to first and foremost finish the race but ideally their goal is to come in first place. Players who finish the race are awarded places/positions according to the time in which they finished the race. Player who died, and, therefore, did not finish the race, are placed on the scoreboard after the players who finished and are ordered by duration spent alive.

How to Play

Here are the controls:

          w - Accelerate
          s - Brake/Reverse
          a - Turn left
          d - Turn right
      space - Turbo
right click - Fire machine gun (only if you have the gun powerup)
left click  - Deploy smoke (only if you have the smoke powerup)
The powerups are distributed around the track and look like colored manhole covers. The red ones are gun powerups (swords), and the green ones are smoke powerups (shields). Use them in strategic locations to get an edge!