Cogstav - CPE 476 Project, Winter 2013
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Team Members:

  • James Aldag
  • Zach Behnke
  • Raymond Ching
  • Paul Doyle
  • Jack Henderson


Cogstav is a third-person platforming game in which the object is to reach the end of each level. Through the use of different gadgets, our little hero must traverse perilous terrain in order to reach his goal.


Technologies we're proud of:

Enemy AI

Enemies in the level will walk / fly around, attempting to slay any friendly robot they see with a barrage of bullets.

Sophisicated HUD

Cogstav can easily view his remaining health and energy, as well as seeing the number of enemies he's killed and the amount of time on the level he's spent. He also knows when he emerges from a level victoriously, or falls down in defeat.

Bump Mapping

The platforms Cogstav attempts to traverse are beautifully textured with bump maps.

Mouse Implementation

Cogstav can shoot and grapple to wherever the cursor points to.

Shadow Mapping

Cogstav's shadow is visible on any surface beneath him, so the user has an easier time landing on platforms.

Level 1 Demo

Level 2 Demo

Level 3 Demo


Shadow Mapping -
Quad Trees -
Cell Shading -
Bump Mapping -
HUD Textures -
Particles - /
Collision Detection - /
XML Level Builder - /