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Welcome to College!

You just got accepted into the college of your dreams! But what they never told you, is that the price tag is more than you could hope to afford with your measly college fund. Fortunatly, there is a bunch of rich people in town, just itching to spend their money!

Grapple, AWAY!

Use the grappling hook you purchased with your college funds to travel around town, transporting people around the city to their destination of choice! The faster you go, the more the pay you and the happier the world is!

Create YOUR city YOUR way!

A built in world editor gives you control on how to build your city!

About the Game

This game is designed to work on linux, specifically Ubuntu 14.04. This game requires Bullet, Assimp (asset importer), GLFW, GLEW, and OpenGL 2.0 minimum. This game was made for a Real Time 3-D Graphics class during Spring Quarter of 2014, at Cal Poly Slo, by Richard (Byungjiin) Bae, Matthew Antosiak, Cameron Thibodeaux, Mandy Chan, Andrew McMuldroch, and Andrew Acosta.
In this game you play as a college student who blew their college fund on a cool grappling hook. In order to pay for college, they have taken on the daunting task of being a human taxi service, and taking people around town in a cool new way! Via Grappling Hook! In our game, you can pick one of 4 worlds. The starting worlds are organized as so:
World 1: Big, city like, but not enough grappling points to be as fun. Also, the massive amount of tiny objects decreases the FPS significantly. We usually had about 20 fps here.
World 2: Medium sized, and very fun. It is filled with high buildings and fun grapple points. The lack of side walks and small objects gave us a solid fps of ~60
World 3 and 4: Nearly empty worlds for you to do with as you please.
The objective of the game is to reduce your debt, and maybe store some extra dough in the bank for later. Grapple around the city completing objectives to earn money. And most of all, have fun!

Controls For Play Mode

This game requires the use of a mouse and keyboard
W: Move the character forward
S: Move the character back
A: Strafe to the left
D: strafe to the right
H: Open Controls Screen Left Click: Fire the grappling hook or let of a grappling hook
Right Click: Zoom In
Scroll Wheel: Move view in and out
Use L and K to change change iPod songs.

Generic placeholder image

Generic placeholder image

Objectives Where are they?

Around the map there are objectives symboled by bright Yellow beams of light. This is the start and end of an objective respectively.

Objectives How to get them

In the middle of a start objective beacon, there is a Jumping person. They will be asking to be taken to their destination. Get near them to pick them up.

Generic placeholder image

Generic placeholder image

Objectives How to complete them

Upon picking up an objective, an arrow will appear to point you in the direction of the goal in Green . When they get to their objective, they will jump out and you will get paid!

Controls For Edit Mode

Use the mouse to look around and left click to place a building
W: Move forward
A: Move Left
S: Move Backward
D: Move Right
Q: Quit while saving
Q + left shift/ctrl: Quit without saving
R: Reselect the last selected item
Backspace: Delete the last placed item
left ctrl + Backspace: Undo last placed building
shift + Left click: Delete closest building Left shift: Speed up user

Generic placeholder image

Generic placeholder image

Building Menu and Hotbar Edit Mode

There is a hotbar at the bottom of the screen. Each building in the bar corrosponds to a number key 0 - 9.Press the key to select the building.
Press G to open up the building menu. replace buildings in the hot bar by clicking on a building in the menu and the hotbar space to put it in.

Manipulate selected building For Edit Mode

Use the scroll wheel to bring the object closer or farther back.
F: Scale the building.
F + X/C/Z: Scales the building in the x/y/z direction.
E: rotate building 90 degrees
N: change number of items selected left ctrl + E: Spacing between buildings selected

Generic placeholder image


Shadow Maps
Assimp and skeletal animation
sound player and tutorial for it: irrklang
The GUI Oct Tree and Collision Detection for Camera
Bullet guides provided by the Bullet wiki

Sound Effects From:


Models and Animations Done in Maya

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