570R Final Project

Edith Koler

Michal Fouquette


Volume visualization using marching cubes and splats.


In this project we implemented the Marching Cubes algorithm to extract isosurfaces from volume datasets. Once this was done we used the triangulation output of marching cubes to sample the surface for data points which could be drawn as splats using alpha blending.


Once we finished implementing marching cubes and sampling the output we decided to extend the project to visualize changing isosurfaces. This can be applied to either static volume datasets and changing the value of the isosurface, or to time varying datasets with a constant isosurface.


Figure 1: Marching Cubes and surrounding splatted isosurface

Figure 2: Hydrogen Atom with two isosurfaces represented as splats

Figure 3: Same isosurfaces as above, but an additional isosurface is represented with marching cubes triangulation.

Figure 4: Top view of the hydrogen atom dataset.


Figure 5: High value isosurface.

Figure 6: Fuel dataset with two isosurfaces.


Figure 7: Fuel dataset with three isosurfaces.