Texture Mapping Geometry Images

Alexandre Mattos
CSC 570 Winter 2007
ZoŽ Wood

Project Description
The goal of the project was to apply a texture to a geometry image. The example above shows a geometry image, normal map, and texture combined to recreate the bunny shown. The user can also click on the geometry image interactively to specify where the texture should be placed.

The algorithm takes the geometry image and extends the actual geometry along the normals based on the color of the texture. The texture specifies how much a point should be stretched. Black means no extension scaling to white for a large extension.

In order for the extension to look right, the normals around the extension need to be according to how the point was moved. There are many possibilities for how neighboring normals are affected when a point moves. The two images below show points in red that are affected when the blue point is moved. As a result the red normals would need to be adjusted.

The algorithm is also optimized to not scale normals if there is no change in the texture across points. This prevents all the normals for the entire image from being recomputed.