Volume Rendering

Brent Williams
CSC 572 - Dr. Zoe" Wood

BrainDataVolumeRender (11K)


Volumetric rendering is a technique in which you use volume data represented by voxels to render a scene. It does this in a way that allows you to see the details inside and behind objects. I was tasked to create a system that could take in scientific data (specifically underwater data) and render it volumetrically.

CT Study

As a validation of my work I rendered CT data from the Stanford Volume Data Archive.

BrainAnimation (3586K) BrainDataVolumeRender (11K)

The left image is an animation of all 109 slices of data taken from a CT study used to create the volumetric rendering on the right. The skull was removed from the data to expose the brain.

Temperature Data

I also rendered data collected from the Norus Glider employing scattered data interpolation by radial basis functions.

500x500x64 (20K)

This is a volumetric rendering of temperature data from the Norus Glider. Red corresponds to hot and blue corresponds to cold.