Cal Poly Software Engineering Capstone

The SE Capstone is an opportunity for a company to work with some of Cal Poly's top upper-level Computer Science and Software Engineering students. Students typically enroll in the capstone in their final year of studies. This is a great opportunity for a company to explore a new idea and/or technology. Plus, it gives excellent face-to-face opportunities to work with excellent students. View the Call for Proposals for more information.

Click here to download the 2022-2023 Call for Proposals (pdf)

Software Engineering Capstone Overview

The SE Capstone consists of three courses over three academic quarters:
CSC 402 Software Requirements Engineering (Fall)
CSC 405 Software Construction (Winter)
CSC 406 Software Deployment (Spring)

Three to five teams of four to six upper-level undergraduate students develop systems for industrial sponsors. The industrial sponsor serves as the business customer, establishing requirements and acceptance criteria in consultation with the Cal Poly faculty. While the courses include typical academic activities such as lectures, readings, and exams, the capstone project is the focal point and primary outcome.

Students interested in participating in the SE Capstone should have completed the prerequisites of CSC 305 (Individual Software Design and Development), 308 (Software Engineering I), and 309 (Software Engineering II).

Previous SE Capstone Customers