M.S. Thesis Proposal

  1. Name
  2. Proposed title of paper
  3. Problem and Motivation: This section should clearly state the problem being addressed and explain the reasons for seeking a solution to this problem.
  4. Background and Related Work: This section should describe the specialized (but pertinent) background necessary to appreciate the work. Include references to the literature where appropriate, and briefly explain where your work departs from that done by others.
  5. Approach and Uniqueness: This section should describe your approach in attacking the problem and should clearly state how your approach is novel.
  6. Results and Contributions: This section should discuss your expected results, and how the results of your work will contribute to computer science and the significance of those results.
  7. Bibliography: A list of references likely to be used in the paper. You should target at least thirty.
  8. Milestones: What are the significant deliverables/events of the thesis project and when do you target completing them?
* Parts adapted from http://www.cs.duke.edu/sigcse08/StudentResearchComp.html.