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BJ Klingenberg

Lecturer - Software Engineering
California Polytechnic State University
Computer Science Department
San Luis Obispo, California
Email: bklingen (at)
Phone: (805)242-3818

Office Hours:: Winter 2022:: Office 14-236 or e-mail for Zoom link

Monday, Wednesday 10am - noon, or by appointment
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Winter 2022

CSC 307 - Introduction to Software Engineering
CSC 405 - Software Construction

Fall 2021

CSC 307 - Introduction to Software Engineering
CSC 402 - Software Requirements

Spring 2021

CSC 307 - Introduction to Software Engineering
CSC 406 - Software Deployment

Winter 2021

CSC 307 - Introduction to Software Engineering
CSC 405 - Software Construction

Software Engineering Capstone::

The SE Capstone consists of three courses over an academic year:
CSC 402 Software Requirements Engineering (Fall)
CSC 405 Software Construction (Winter)
CSC 406 Software Deployment (Spring)

Three to five teams of four to six upper-level undergraduate students each develop the same system for an industrial sponsor. The industrial sponsor serves as the business customer, establishing requirements and acceptance criteria in consultation with the Cal Poly faculty. While the courses include typical academic activities such as lectures, readings, and exams, the capstone project is the focal point and primary outcome.

Companies interested in proposing a project for the SE Capstone should see the Call for Proposals.

Students interested in participating in the SE Capstone should have completed the prerequisites of CSC 305, 308, and 309.

Working with Cal Poly Computing Students::

Check out this brief guide to ways to work with us.

Research Interests::

  • Agile Methods
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Design Patterns
  • Software Metrics
  • DevOps/DevSecOps
  • Cyber Security, Recovery and Resilience

Software Engineering Careers

What is the difference between SE and CS (David Janzen)?
The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports the median salary (2019) for computer application software engineers was $107,510 and predicts a 22% increase in software engineering jobs in the next ten years.
See this link addressing myths on CS careers.
Software Engineering Careers (by Computer Science Online)
Information Technology Careers (by Computer Science Online)
Computer Engineering Careers (by Computer Science Online)
Marissa Mayer, female computer scientist and VP at Google (great role-model for women in computing, if you don't have time for the whole thing, watch the first part then skip to about the 47 minute mark)
Marissa Mayer, SIGCSE'08 Keynote (scroll down to find video)
Computer Science Online

Software Engineering Advising Resources


IEEE Software Agile Taxonomy
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BJ Klingenberg
Computer Science
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, Ca 93407
bklingen (at)