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CPE 481 Knowledge-Based Systems Winter 2004

CPE 481 Knowledge-Based Systems Syllabus

General Information


The following textbooks will be used in this course. There is a column in the course schedule which indicates the chapters in the books that correspond to a topic discussed in class. Students are expected to read the respective chapters before the topic is covered in class. For further reading, here are some more textbook suggestions: Peter Jackson, the author of one of these text books, also put together a list of text books on the topic; it is at

CLIPS and Jess

For some assignments, lab exercises, and the term project, we will use the CLIPS or Jess expert system shells. CLIPS is a shell developed at NASA, and has been in use for quite a while. Jess was inspired by CLIPS, and uses the same rule format and inference mechanism, but it is implemented in and integrated with Java. Both are available for download via the Web, and are installed on the counties system. A printout of the CLIPS documentation is in a binder on the bookshelf in the lab (14-232).Some textbooks also contain chapters on CLIPS, e.g. Gonzalez & Dankel,or Giarratano & Riley. Ernest Friedman-Hill, the developer of Jess, recently published "Jess in Action," with an introduction to Jess and a number of examples. CLIPS and related material is available for download from the Web sites below. The Jess Home Page contains a lot of material, and also links to related documents. The Institute for Information Technology of the National Research Council Canada developed Fuzyy Logic extensions for CLIPS and Jess.

Grading Policy

Assignments 20%
Project 30%
Midterm 20%
Final Exam 30%
The table gives an overview of the calculation of the grades. I reserve the right, however, to change the formula used. Please note that the project consists of several parts which will be evaluated separately. The project will also be done in teams, and the performance of the team as a whole will be graded unless there is a clear disparity in the contribution of the individual team members. Should this be the case, I might ask for additional documentation like work sheets, email messages, or draft copies of documentation to evaluate individual contributions.

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