Exploring Programming wth PCS 6th grade

This page represents joint work with Peabody Charter School's 6th grade (Ms. Pasternak's class) in order to introduce the students to some basics related to text based computer programming. This curriculum is being jointly developed by myself, Z. Wood, 6th grade teacher, M. Pasternak in (Fall 2015) and is a work in progress.

This curriculum is starts using Processing on the iPad and topics include: 2D coordinates, number sense, and specific programs that explore 6th grade curriculum.

For parents, you can download Processing and have your student play with any of this base code (or their own at home).

ellipse face Week 1 - Make a Face on the iPad
Base grid code
ellipse face Week 2 - Make a dragonfly
Results from the class
Base grid code - resuse if desired
ellipse face Week 3 - Complete a creature
Results from the class
Base grid code - partial cat
Base grid code - partial panda
Base grid code - partial robot
pumpkin Week 4 - Make a bat
Base code only if bat complete
triangle Week 5 - complete the triangles
Base code start here
Mod (for WSB) after done with first part
Halloween Scene
Week 6 - Halloween Scene base code
Complete the House and Person + play with loops
Week 7 - base code
Complete the snowFlake
Week 8 - base code

Week 9 - Encryption exercise description
Week 9 - trapped team member instructions
*teacher only* - encrypted messages
Week 9 - Encryption code
Week 9 - Decryption code
Inequalities and patterns
Week 10 - hand out
Week 10 - base code
Week 10 - challenge puzzle (and coding concept)
Lines (above and below) and patterns
Week 11 - hand out
Week 11 - base code
Week 11 - challenge puzzle - house
Week 11 - challenge puzzle - pattern
Week 12 - hand out
Week 12 - base code
Week 13 - hand out
Week 13 - base code
Partial Creature 2
Week 14 - hand out
Week 14 - base code

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