Loops and Shapes

Computational Art - Assignment 1

Links summarizing what we have learned the last 2 days:
SBHS Processing General Info
SBHS Processing Day 2

We've learned about while loops and basic shapes (you can use the pdf links above if you want reminders about syntax). Now lets put those together to make a face with lots of teeth!

1) Start by making a face using shapes (leave room for lots of teeth!)
2) Now play with adding a loop to add lots of teeth!
Some examples, including their code are:
Pumpkin Code

Alligator Code

Alternatively, if you'd like to make a face with no teeth, you may make a face and then make another sketch that uses loops to create a pattern. Specifically,
1) Create a face that uses at least 3 different shapes.
2) And make a sketch with two rows of repeated shapes, one horizontal and one vertical.
Examples might be:
Simple face Code
Stairs Code
Arc Loop Code

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