1.5.3. Class Mate Gradebook

The Class Mate Gradebook software is designed to make it easier for teachers to manage students through multiple classes and their grades. The basic view entails a spreadsheet where one student and one class is viewed at a time, with an overall subject of the various assignments including the grade given and the weight it has upon the grade. The interface is reminiscent of early web technologies with clashing colors and a slightly confusing interface, but after using it for a few minutes one begins to understand how things are done.

Teachers have the option to upload grades to the web for student or parent viewing (after being given a password) via the company's website. The software also has the option to be totally installed and contained (with grades) on a USB storage device for portability anywhere.

The current cost of the software is $45 for a single user or $300 for an entire school.

Good Features:

Bad Features:

Missing Features:

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