1.5.4. MicroGrade

MicroGrade is a multifunction program that does more than just grading. Apart from calculating scores, the tool can generate printable rosters, seating charts, etc. It can also email customizable reports and synchronize itself with Blackboard, WebCT, SASI, OSIRIS, and Skyward. The interface is unintuitive and looks outdated.

The tool allows instructors to create categories (i.e. Tests, Homework, etc) and give them percent weights or simply weights using points. Assignments can then be added to the categories weighed either equally, by points, or user specified. The instructor can also set the number of low scores that will be dropped for each category. There is also a system allowing for students to log in with personal passwords to view their grades. All interfaces and generated views are either in a spreadsheet or table form, there are no graphs or charts.

The cost for this product is currently $79.95 for either Windows or Macintosh OSX (PPC or Intel) and can be installed on two computers.

Good Features:

Bad Features:

Missing Features:

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