1.5. Related Systems

Widely used commercial systems that provide functionality comparable to the Grader include:

Each of these systems provide a wide variety of grading and general class management functionality. In terms of such functionality, the goal for the Grader is to provide the important core features found in these tools, not the full range of features found in all of them. The Grader does provide new and improved features when compared to most commercially available tools. These improvements are:

  1. multiple views including Excel-like, histogram, pie, and range charts;
  2. more specific and customizable options;
  3. more flexible grading options;
  4. interaction for students;
  5. integration with school systems;
  6. multiple ways to see grades and adjust grades;
  7. customizable options such as color;
  8. interactive environment with students;
  9. historical trends of past classes.

The goals for the Grader are not met by any of the above commercial systems.

A detailed review of each related tool follows in these subsections:

Following these reviews, a summary of the features is provided in a feature comparison matrix.

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