Final projects from Professor Wood's CPE 476 class from Winter 2017.

Eleven student teams, ranging in size from 1-6 students, created their own game in a ten week period. The primary game/graphics code for the games was created by the teams with specific technology requirements. Below are the websites created by the student teams to demonstrate their games. Most websites include links to download the student's games. Students also generated videos demonstrating gameplay of their games, with rankings voted by students in the course, linked below.

List of all games webpages (videos linked on each game's page):

First place overall (3rd for visuals and gameplay (3 way tie for third)):
Granny Gauntlet

First place visuals and second place overall:
Shattered Moon

First place gameplay && and third place overall:
Iron Canyon

Second place visuals:

Second place game play:
Black Philip

Third place tie for game play (3 way tie):
Rhythm Runner


And honorable mention to all other games completed this quarter:

Oh Ma Lawn


Tiny Planet