CSC476++ - Real-Time 3D Computer Graphics Software Systems

Professor: Zoë J. Wood

Welcome to Real-time 3D games! This class will be taught using C/C++ and OpenGL.

This class will be a team effort focused on building a game. Students will pick teams in the first week (teams of 4-8 people) and those teams will work together over two quarterto build as close to a real (single level) game as possible. Everyone will be responsible for the lecture material, but within teams, members will be highly specialized (for example, some will focus on performance, shaders, effects/simulation, gui/audio, ai/game play, etc.). All programming work beyond the labs will be specialized within teams.

Past Final projects from the one quarter long class:
Final Projects Winter 2013

Final Projects Winter 2012

Final Projects Spring 2011

Final Projects Winter 2011

Final Projects Spring 2010

Final Projects Spring 2009

Final Projects Fall 2008

Final Projects Spring 2007

Class handouts
Final Project description
Rough rubrics for final projects check-in 1 and 2
General Topic List for Midterm 1

Prelab for Lab 1 - aka WD40 for 3d programming
Lab 1
Lab 2
Outdated Base code for Lab 2 - rewrite using viewports and glm
Lab 3
Base code for Diffuse Shader lab
Base code for Diffuse Shader lab - vertex and fragment
Texture mapping slides
Example code for multi-texturing and pixel shading using texture data
Old Lab 3 -extra credit for 2011

Base code for Lab 3
Tyra data - use this data for normal mapping extra credit

List of resources compiled by past 476 student, Bob Somers

A decent C++ intro, tho I disagree with parts